Google AdWords Grant Nonprofit

Google AdWords For Nonprofits

PPC Management

The Google AdWords Grant program offers nonprofits $10,000 of AdWords spend each month. That means approved organizations can get up to $120,000 a year to extend their public service messages to a local and global audience to make a greater impact on the world.

NewEra Collective offers Google AdWords Grants management for approved nonprofits who need help increasing awareness through search engine marketing advertising.

How to Qualify

  1. The nonprofit must be registered as a charitable organization in the approved countries.
  2. Register on TechSoup and obtain a validation token.
  3. Apply for Google Ad Grants.

Nonprofits that do not qualify for the Google’s Ad Grant programs are governmental entities, hospitals and healthcare organizations.¬†

If you need assistance getting through the approval process, managing the campaigns, or one-on-one training for your in-house team, NewEra Collective is here to help your organization.

Other Google Nonprofits Program Benefits

Other benefits from the Google Ads Grants program is YouTube, G Suite, Google Earth Outreach and One Today